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7 months


What to know about me:

My story

My name is Tom, following corrective jaw surgery caused by a dog attack, I'm finally ready for a new adventure! I'm an imperfectly perfect kitten looking for a family for life, and I deserve a good life after all my misadventures!

My qualities

What can you say about me? I'm a kitten who's been through a lot, but has a great will to live! They say I'm resilient, and I'm a strong little cat! I'm sociable and happy to meet everyone. Despite everything I've been through, I'm not a very stressed kitten! I love to sleep in the cat tree, and my new family will need one. I love to play and would love a feline friend under the age of 3 to play with, as I'm very active. I do my scratching on the cat scratching post! I love to make my muffins on a blanket and I'm affectionate, but I don't like to be picked up. I have to be brushed every week!

My little flaws

I'm not always delicate when playing with cats or humans. I'm a little foodie and don't like claw trimming! I tend to want to play with feet and ankles. It's my way of telling you that I love you!

To note

Each animal is brought to its new family. Please consult our adoption process. All adoptions more than three hours from Bois-des-Filion will not be considered for Tom. We recommend that you adopt from a shelter near you to help cats in your area. Tom may need his teeth removed in 6 months at our clinic. To be discussed with the family for an arrangement if the adopters want to do it at their clinic, the fee could be refunded once the surgery is done .


Veterinary care received


  • Basic vaccines

  • Leukemia vaccines

  • Rabies vaccine

  • Snap test for feline leukemia and feline AIDS

  • Treatment against parasites, fleas and ticks

  • Microchip

  • Neutered

Future included care


  • Possibility of a teeth removal


To learn more about veterinary care

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Our organization has put in place an adoption process to ensure transparency during this very important stage in the life of our little protégés. You must read it before considering an application for one of our cats, to make sure you respect it. Thank you for your understanding!

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