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Adoption editor

Position type




Job description

Send the adoption questionnaire to foster families to help us to know their protégés better and present them well.
Coordinate a volunteer photographer or ensure at least 3 to 4 good photos for the adoption profile.
Create the adoption file for the website in English and French.
Be able to prepare a summary sheet in English and French for the Facebook page.
Make new updates on the adoption profiles

Qualifications required

  • Good written French and English

  • Knowledge of web tools

  • Have initiative

  • Teamwork if needed

  • Make sure you represent the image of One Cat at a Time

About Us

One Cat at a Time is a registered charity. Our organization specializes in caring for neonatal kittens and sick kittens at risk of euthanasia in clinics or animal services. We don't have our own facilities; we work with a network of foster families in the Lower Laurentians. We take in a few animals at a time. Our team is 100% volunteer!

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