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one cat at a time- kitten rescue

Our mission

The mandate of the organization is to help orphaned and/or sick kittens at risk of euthanasia. We take in stray kittens who have lost their mothers. We are regularly contacted for sick kittens in need of urgent veterinary care. These kittens are at risk of euthanasia and we offer a last chance to save their lives. Our organization has the equipment and knowledge for special needs kittens.


Our organization has a limited number of 15 kittens, as we take in sick kittens in need of veterinary care. Places become available as kittens are adopted by new families. We do not take care of stray cats in neighboring towns. Our organization will sometimes make an exception for cats located in the city of Bois-des-Filion, but they must meet our admission criteria. We do not take care of any colony it is not our mission.

One cat at a time- kittens in need

Available spots

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 + 6 weeks old


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Medical cases


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Mom + kittens


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