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7 months


What to know about me:

His story

Buster is a 7-month-old Samoyed x Huskie mix puppy. His family abandoned him, as they no longer had time for him.

What to know

Buster walks well on a leash, is attentive, calm and not afraid of people he doesn't know. Buster is gentle, but independent. He always stays close to his foster family without asking for affection. He does, however, love to be petted. Buster is almost house-trained. He doesn't make a lot of mess. Buster absolutely must have a canine friend at home. He cohabits well with dogs and loves them very much. He can cohabit with cats, but sometimes he plays a bit too much and cats don't like that. Your cats need to be used to dogs. Buster may be a little nervous in the car, but he's not sick and stays calm. Otherwise, he's very good at veterinary visits. He doesn't react badly to being handled. All in all, Buster is a good dog who's still learning and needs a family who'll be there for him. Buster hasn't been in contact with young children, so we can't be sure how he'll react, but this would have to be discussed depending on the family situation too.

Things to work on

Buster can bark when there's someone at the door. Like many puppies, he wants to eat anything he's not allowed to. Socks, rubber bands, etc. So you need a safe environment, as if you had a baby at home. Buster has separation anxiety, and is being monitored by a dog-behavior expert. Buster doesn't like the crate at all, and can open standard dog crates. He'll need a family that's either very present or doesn't want to use the crate. If his new family wants him to be in a crate when absent, he will need further desensitizing. A one-hour session is included with our canine behavior specialist to make sure he settles in well with his new family. Finally, he doesn't like nail trimming, so this is also something to continue working on with him.

Please note

Each animal is brought to its new family with a trial period. To adopt Buster, you must live within 2h00 of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac. Please note that you must return to Saint-Eustache for neutering when he is 9 to 12 months old, depending on his growth and behavior.


Veterinary care received


  • Basic vaccines

  • Leptospirosis vaccine

  • Rabies vaccine

  • Bordetella vaccine

  • Treatment against parasites, fleas and ticks

  • Microchip

  • Embark health and genetic testing

Future included care


  • Neuter between 9 and 12 months


To learn more about veterinary care

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Our organization has put in place an adoption process to ensure transparency during this very important stage in the life of our little protégés. You must read it before considering an application for one of our cats, to make sure you respect it. Thank you for your understanding!

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