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2 yo


What to know about me:

My story

Lola was a stray pregnant cat who was very hungry and entered a volunteer's car on her own. We took Lola in and unfortunately she gave birth to a stillborn kitten. She also had an eye infection but she's doing well and is now ready for adoption!

My qualities

Lola is about 1 and a half year old. She's a very affectionate cat. She loves to be picked up and cuddled. Lola is a very playful cat. She loves to do zoomies and play with everything in her way. She's very intelligent and can open doors with the long handles. She's a curious cat who wants to snoop around everywhere. That's part of her charm, but she's a bit of a rascal, so you mustn't leave anything lying around that could be dangerous for her or even precious to you. She cohabits well with cats, dogs and rabbits.  Lola is a very easy-going cat, she'll integrate very easily into her new environment and take her place in your family. She has a very special personality and is so lovable.

My little flaws

Lola is a foodaholic, she loves to eat and she would want to steal your food. Her new family will have to watch her diet to keep her at a healthy weight. Otherwise, it's ideal to have 2 people to trim her claws.

To note

Each animal is brought to its new family. Please consult our adoption process. All adoptions more than an hour from Bois-des-Filion will not be accepted. We advise you to adopt from a shelter near you to help the cats in your area.Lola had a serious infection in her eye. She was left with a scar because she had a reaction to the first antibiotic given to her. She saw a specialist and was given a different antibiotic.


Veterinary care received


  • Basic vaccines

  • Leukemia vaccines

  • Rabies vaccine

  • Snap test for feline leukemia and feline AIDS

  • Treatment against parasites, fleas and ticks

  • Microchip

  • Spayed and blood work

Future included care



To learn more about veterinary care

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Our organization has put in place an adoption process to ensure transparency during this very important stage in the life of our little protégés. You must read it before considering an application for one of our cats, to make sure you respect it. Thank you for your understanding!

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